Testimonials & Case Studies

LinkMeUp values feedback from people using and working in our services. Share your experiences and suggestions with us to inform our ongoing development.

  • I think the new idea of the PA Register online is great, people can see the PA profiles and get a good idea of who they might like to support them with their needs. For the PA's themselves they can update their profiles at a click of a button at any time.

  • Having a Direct Payment has changed my life, I am so much happier being my own employer.

    Susan [Employer]
  • Having an active PA Register in our area has meant that we can suggest a real alternative to agencies and offer people the choice and control that they strive for.

    Sally [Support Planner]
  • I could not care for Dad and have some ‘me’ time without the help of Vibrance. A real sanity saver for me and contentment for my Dad. This helps give me the security of knowing I can continue to look after dad in his own home for as long as medically possible — it is what he wants and deserves.

    Hazel [Financial Services Customer]
  • Vibrance is always clear with its communication, it’s a happy team with lots of fun when you are finding out something, they are really great.

    Carol-Ann [Employer]
  • LinkMeUp made something that is very complicated, easy to understand and filled me with confidence.

    Danielle [Employer]
  • We have used the services of Vibrance for some time now. We have been very impressed with how easy the service is to use and with the wonderful customer service. We have also found a carer through the LinkMeUp service; we found the website extremely user friendly and Vibrance provides great follow up.

    Kate [Employer]
  • The team just make my life a whole lot easier. As well as taking care of Mum, I have a family and business to look after. So anytime I can save is a blessing. They really are fantastic.

    Pauline [Employer]
  • The payroll operation is efficient and accurate and very well led. Recommendations from auditors and staff alike are both encouraged and acted upon. The most impressive aspect perhaps is the extraordinary sensitivity displayed with regard to the employer clients and their employees. This includes a strong representational role in various national voluntary sector bodies, including successful "lobbying" for national charges.

    CIPP Payroll Accreditation Scheme Assessor
  • It’s a really good service and nice to know that there is someone in the background that can help.

    Mrs L [Employer]
  • LinkMeUp has proved to be a very effective tool for putting together service users with service providers in the convenience of their own homes. It's a brilliant idea and is surely the way forward in the support and caring world!

    Sue [PA]
  • It has been a pleasure working with Vibrance, or rather Vibrance working on my behalf. Myself and my daughter are totally satisfied with them.

    Caroline [Employer]
  • I have been impressed with the helpfulness of the staff. The staff have been professional in dealing with my queries.

    David [Financial Services Customer]
  • The project continues to be well managed with systems and processes in place to ensure effective delivery of the service. The team are committed to delivering a quality person centred service and take pride in their service.

    London Borough of Bromley, 2016 Audit

Case study:

Bromley SDS

Mr J was referred to our service in August for initial employment support; he was recruiting a PA that he had found independently. Unfortunately it became clear very soon on that the arrangement was not flexible enough to meet his needs and they contacted their Care Manager at LBB to ask what they could do. Mr J and his wife wanted to keep the PA they already had, as she had been with them for a long time and had built up a good relationship with Mr J. However, due to home commitments she was unable to fulfil her role effectively, leaving Mr J without much needed care and his wife under considerable strain.

The Care Manager contacted Vibrance asking what could be done to improve the situation; I contacted Mrs J straight away and discussed with her further, explaining our PA register and what we could do to support her and her husband to find someone to share the PA role. Mr J’s wife gave me more insight as to what they were looking for in a PA and the hours that would be needed. I explained to Mrs J that I believed that, based on her requirements, we had a PA on the register who could potentially be a good match, Mr J’s wife was happy for me to contact this PA on her behalf and enquire about her availability.

Once I had spoken to the PA I contacted Mrs J again and passed along her contact details for her to make contact and arrange a suitable time for an informal interview. All of this happened within an hour on a Thursday afternoon, by the Monday following Mr J and his wife had met with the PA and contacted us to arrange employment.